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Following the legend


The biggest forest reserve in Belarus, the Naliboki Puscha is the place where contrasting natural and cultural fields come in touch with each other with historical destinies of several nations closely entwined: Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, and Jewish. Born hunters, lumbermen and craftsmen, the Naliboki people had always bitterly resisted invaders while being friendly to all peaceable guests and settlers. Secluded from prying eyes within the impassable wilderness, home distilling had long been developed in the region. Local herbalists and medicine men are still famous all over the country and far beyond its borders, so we have taken on the secrets of Naliboki nastoikas from them. Naliboki is the pristine Belarusian nature coupled with rich history of our ancestors. The NALIBOKI trademark offers its consumers the very best from what the Belarusian nature and skilful hands of true craftsmen give.